Aqua Components distributes most of the well-known brands in pressure gauges, pressure switches, flowmeters and water treatment RO instruments. These high quality products have desired specifications to produce excellent performance. Aqua Components stocks large quantities of Nason, Blue-White, Hanna and Signet products ready for immediate delivery. Our instruments are priced very competitively for the right application.

Nason Pressure Switches
Nason pressure switches are used successfully in many pneumatic and hydraulic applications. Military vehicles and equipment, aviation, reverse osmosis, filtration, desalination, electrodeionization, marine, machine tools, farm and construction equipment, process equipment and industrial machinery are typical applications.

Nason Snap Action Switches
Nason uses only the highest quality snap action electrical switches which insure a positive, instantaneous electrical contact under all operating conditions.

Nason Diaphragms
Nason pressure switches incorporate elastomeric diaphragms to provide a positive media seal. Nitrile is the material of choice for most applications; ethylene propylene, fluorocarbon, fluorosilicon, and neoprene are readily available for specific applications.

Blue-White Flowmeters / Rotameter
Blue White Industries manufacture a wide range of flowmeters. Most variable area flowmeters (rotameter) have a dual scale of GPM and LPM and they can be available inline or panel mount. Aqua Components distributes Blue-White’s Pitot Tube Acrylic F-300, F-440, F-450, F-451, F-452N, F-550 Series Flowmeters which have flow ranges from 0.025gpm to 1,900gpm.

Hanna Testing Equipment
Aqua Components distributes Hanna TDS testers, temperature testers, multi measurement testers with competitive pricing.

TDS Testers
HM Digital Hand-Held/Pocket TDS Testers, Hanna TDS Testers, Sprite TDS Testers, Myron L TDS Testers, Oakton TDS Testers

Temperature Testers
HM Digital Industrial Grade Digital Thermometer, Hanna Eden Temperature Testers

Multi Measurement Testers
HM Digital Combo Meter, Hanna Testers, Myron L Tester, pH Testers, ORP Testers, Chlorine Testers, Test Kits, TDS Calibration Standard Solutions, pH Buffer solutions, HM Digital Clean Tap Monitor

Signet Instruments
Aqua Components distributes conductivity meters, conductivity/resistivity sensors, pH/ORP monitors, pH sensors, ORP sensors, pH/ORP pre-amplifiers, flow meters, flow sensors for analog or digital flow meters, installation tees, all manufactured by GF Signet.

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