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Aqua Components offers high quality water test equipments. Aqua Components test equipments have similar performance as the equivalent test equipments of the other well-known brands. Aqua Components also stocks many of the well-known brand name test equipments, including Hanna and Hach. We stock large quantities of these products ready for immediate delivery. Our water test equipments are priced very competitively.

Hanna Water Quality Testing Equipment
Aqua Components distributes Hanna TDS testers, temperature testers, multi measurement testers with competitive pricing.

TDS Testers
HM Digital Hand-Held/Pocket TDS Testers, Hanna TDS Testers, Sprite TDS Testers, Myron L TDS Testers, Oakton TDS Testers

Temperature Testers
HM Digital Industrial Grade Digital Thermometer, Hanna Eden Temperature Testers, Multi Measurement Testers, HM Digital Combo Meter, Hanna Testers, Myron L Tester, pH Testers, ORP Testers, Chlorine Testers, Test Kits, TDS Calibration Standard Solutions, pH Buffer solutions, HM Digital Clean Tap Monitor.

Hach Water Quality Testing Equipment
Hach test kits measure pH, alkalinity, chloride, total copper, hardness (CaCO?), total hardness & calcium, hydrogen peroxide, iron in water. Available models are PHS14, PHS7, AL1433, CH1440, AL3101, C21822, H453, HC453, HY917, I1464, N14161, P2250, S14554, SU2251, OZ025LR, OZ075MR, OZ150HR.

Hach Water Quality Test Strips are ideal for anyone performing semi-quantitative spot-checks or field tests. Hach test strips are manufactured with a unique reagent pad at the tip, using proven chemistries based on standard reference methods. Just dip the strip, wait until color development occurs, and compare the color of the reacted pad to the chart printed on the bottle. Test strips are available for a wide selection of parameters, with new strips being added regularly.

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