Terms of Service

Order Acceptance
Aqua Components Inc. reserves the right to accept or reject an order request. Possession of a price sheet or a product catalog shall not be construed as an offer to sell the product listed. Aqua Components sells wholesale only and does not sell to end users. These terms and conditions shall be considered a part of all accepted orders and accepted purchase orders.

Cancellation or Change Order
Orders are processed as they are received. Once order is in process (or production), add-ons (or change orders) may hold up shipment of the original order (or build), or may be shipped as a separate order. Buyer’s add-ons, change orders are subject to Aqua Components acceptance. Cancellations are subject to Aqua Components acceptance and may incur a restocking fee.

Custom Equipment
Custom equipment is subject to the terms and conditions detailed on the separate Aqua Components quote form and may require a 35% down payment.

Products are sold at prices currently in effect at time of order, and are ex works Santa Ana, CA-USA unless otherwise specified. Prices generally coincide with dated, Aqua Components printed price sheets and web site information, however we reserve the right to change prices at anytime and without notice and without updating published material at our web site or in print. Freight costs are for the customer’s account.

Stock items distributed by Aqua Components are generally shipped within 1 to 4 working days after receipt of the order.
Additional time is required on Special Orders, Large Orders, or Items Not Stocked. Aqua Components, Inc. is not responsible for delays due to conditions beyond our control. Orders will be delayed or not processed where accounts are found delinquent and no arrangements have been made with Credit Department to settle account.

Shipping Charges
All shipments are ex works Santa Ana, California-USA, unless otherwise specified and shipping costs are the customer’s responsibility

Terms of Payment
1. Via Wire Transfers:
2. Or Via Letter of Credit (L/C):

* Letter of credit must be Irrevocable, advised and confirmed through any MAJOR bank in the United States with draft payable at sight.
* Letter of Credit must state that all bank charges inside and outside the United states are to be borne by the Opener.

A minimum billing of $250 is necessary to help defer handling.

Open Account
To establish an open account, a complete credit analysis is required. This involves correspondence with you, your suppliers, and your bank. The time involved depends on the response time from the references you give us. You will be notified when your credit is approved. In the interim, all orders must be pre paid. Delinquent accounts will be charged 3% per month for late fees and $25.00 for NSF checks. NO OPEN ACCOUNT TERMS FOR NON USA CUSTOMERS.

Damaged Merchendise
Aqua Components, Inc. is not responsible for damage or loss to a shipment by a freight carrier. Check shipments for damage before acceptance or note on freight bill “Subject to inspection for concealed damage.” Consignee is responsible for filing a claim with the freight carrier for any and all damage or loss. Return of Damaged Goods will not be authorized.

Errors and Returned Goods Authorization
Merchandise cannot be returned without prior authorization. Call Aqua Components for an RGA number. Freight/shipping must be prepaid. An RGA not used in 30 days will expire. A return after that will be refused and invoice will be payable within terms. Special order goods are not returnable.

Defective Goods & Warranty Processing
An item returned for warranty consideration without prior authorization will be refused. Call Aqua Components for an RGA number. Aqua Components and its manufacturers reserve the right to repair or replace defective merchandise. If pre warranty replacement merchandise has been sent and the warranted goods are repairable, the repaired product will be returned to you at our expense and the pre-warranty invoice will be for your account. If the warranted product is not repairable, an offsetting credit invoice will be issued to your account. If the warranty consideration is denied, all expenses are for your account.

Limited Warranty
Products manufactured Aqua Components, Inc. are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year from shipping date, Aqua Components, Inc. responsibility and liability shall be limited solely and exclusively to the replacement or the repair of parts manufactured by Aqua Components, Inc. and will not be liable for any cost arising from removal, installation, transportation or any other charges which may arise in connection with the warranty claim. Products and/or system components sold by Aqua Components and manufactured by others are subject to the warranty provided by the manufacturer of said products and/or components and not by Aqua Components, Inc. warranty. Aqua Components, Inc. will not be liable for damage to products caused by disoperation, misuse, abuse, unauthorized alteration, repair, accident or if products was not installed and operated in accordance to the Aqua Components, Inc. operation and installation manual. Aqua Components, Inc. will not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages, losses, or expenses arising from installation, use or any other causes.

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